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» Comics - Map - September 13th, 2010, 6:40 pm

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Author Comments:

Epic Chibi, September 13th, 2010, 6:57 pm

The locations of the map!
1) This area is home to the castle that's on the highest point of the island. It looks over the small island kingdom. The castle is now the main living places for everyone until the town and farms are up and running or rebuilt.

2) The old Steel work and water mill. this area is located in the forest. Supposedly abandoned but who knows.

3) The Great tree. Was said to be the holiest of places. This is where people were brought together to make their ever asting vows of love.

4) The cross road and the meadows. Good places to have a pick-nick. The entrance of the town is here.

5) The town. Old and broken and worn . Needs fixing up. all the major shops are located here. and the old pub! The port is not too far off from here along with the docks.

6)The great willow and the lake. There are some old strange ruins here. Then again you find a lot of ruins everywhere on this island. The lake was said to be the home of the fairies . But now again who has seen one of them?

7) The farm lands! Few farm houses, but the land is still good. A place to grow crops for food.

8) The lagoon. And more forest.

9) More farm land and forests! Along with the great rock that looks like a face. People have been whispering that they can hear voices from this rock. And yet it’s odd because there's a different faces every day.

10)the end of the forest. this is where the festival and fair or partier’s are held. A good place to have fun and watch the sun set or rise every day.

11) The lighthouse! And fields and look no more trees here!. On the other highest part of the island. Looking over the seas making sure no ships crash on the rocky shores.

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