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» Comics - Hallam Kaiser - December 30th, 2010, 8:42 pm

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Author Comments:

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User Comments:

Shizukumaru, December 30th, 2010, 9:12 pm


Name: Hallam Kaiser
age: 17
gender: DOUCHE... i mean DUDE... I MEAN CHICK
Race: light elf

So when he was still a genderless fetus, his mom was like "Oh hey a lamp" RUBS RUBS.
and then POOF a genie came out and he was like "yo what up you freed me i'll give you only ONE wish cause I'm cool like dat"
so she was like "OMG I WANT A SON"
so he was like "AITE"
but then she was like "NO WAIT A DAUGHTER"
and then genie was like "WUT WAIT *poof*"
so came out a SON. She was discontent... but then the baby started crying like "IM HUNGRY AND STRESED YO" and poofed, his *whistle* disappeared and he became a girl.
Mom was pleased.
genie was like "oh you messed up my flow in chi yo, so now, whenever this thing is stressed, it will change gender... ANDONCEAMONTHHEWILLTURNTOAGIRLFORAWEE"
mom was like "LOL KAY"

Likes: spinich, carrots, and jumping on trees like freakin tarzan
dislikes: fall off the tree like freakin tarzan

special ablilities:
(boy) learned magic, so likes to fight with his hands (MANLY WAY) while emitting energy like knives
(girl) prefers to use magic only to fly *makes things levitate, rides on them) has freakishly large club things.

(girl) girliest girl you could ever get, acts like she doesnt care that she's flat chested... BUT SHE DOES D:
(boy) (attempts at being the) manliest guy you could ever guy
kinda bubbly
kinda queer
same as girl version but MANRY

fun fact: when hallam is about to change to other gender, hallam will start acting like the other gender

hallam can talk to the other gender in the mind. like jack sparrow's weird moments but more annoying

boy side is always seen with scissors cause when he changes to a boy, he's gotta cut off all that excess girly hair lol

Kris10isawesomeYee, December 30th, 2010, 9:34 pm


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